Coup attempt in Germany

Radical far-right ideologies came together to try to overthrow the government in Germany.

Image source: Reuters

As these efforts backfired, the police launched a massive raid across Germany. Nearly 3 thousand police personnel raided 130 places and foiled this conspiracy.

These people wanted to overthrow the government and replace it with the self-proclaimed prince ‘Heinrich XIII’.

After the World War, there was a lot of political upheaval in Germany and a People’s Government came to power. But the concept of a people-appointed government was not acceptable to the ‘Reich Citizens Movement. They decided that it was necessary to overthrow the government that came to power through the constitution.

Some members of this group and ex-military officers hatched a conspiracy to overthrow the government. They had decided to enter the Reichstag, the German parliament, at any cost.

The plot was active in 11 of the 16 states of Germany. All these places have been raided by the police and 22 people have been arrested on the suspicion of being members of a terrorist organization. Among those helping the group is a Russian national.

During the police raids, the barracks of a specially trained unit of the German Army called KSK were also raided. It has been alleged in the past that there are hard right-wing soldiers in this unit.

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