Time to get a flu shot – Flu season is rapidly increasing in the United States

Flu season is rapidly increasing in the United States, according to data published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The country’s first child death has been reported this week. The flu has caused nearly 7,000 hospitalizations and 360 deaths in the US this season.

Now is the time to get a flu shot, according to experts. Citizens should get a flu shot as soon as possible to protect themselves from the flu.

Flu vaccinations are down this season compared to every year. About 128 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed this season. Data from the CDC indicated that 140 million doses were distributed last year and 156 million the year before that.

The flu season is escalating into a pandemic. Eleven U.S. states, including Washington, New York, have reported high or high levels of respiratory illness, according to the CDC.

Experts urge people who have not had their annual flu shot at getting it as soon as possible.

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