Hemgenix: The most expensive medicine in the world, costing $3.5 million

There are many types of medicines in the world. Their prices depend on their utility and availability. But, one of the most expensive drugs in the world has recently been approved. The cost of this drug is $3.5 million.

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The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved this drug. This medicine is used to treat Hemophilia B, a very rare disease. This disease is a hereditary disease. In this disease, the level of human blood decreases.

It takes a lot of effort and technology to develop an effective drug against this disease. This increases the effectiveness of this drug, so the cost of one dose of this drug is 3.5 million US dollars. The name of this medicine is Hemgenix.

If a person has an injury and has hemophilia B, the clotting process or speed of the blood slows down. So the bleeding does not stop at all. Hemophilia B is more common in men. The exact number of patients suffering from this disease is not available in the whole world. But the number of men fighting this disease in America is 8 thousand. The treatment of this disease is so expensive that not everyone can afford it. This problem increases in seriously ill people. Therefore, such medicine was needed for a long time.

Researchers have studied that a person suffering from hemophilia-B spends 20 to 22 million dollars over a lifetime or about as much as the government of the respective country. This is probably the case in America. However, treatment of this disease in European countries is cheaper than in America. However, even after that millions of dollars are spent. Hemgenics, on the other hand, is a drug, a single dose of which helps to cure the patient. This is going to be cheaper than the full cost.

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