Tennessee Representative Justin Jones Reinstated After Expulsion Over Gun Control Protest

Tennessee Representative Justin Jones, who was expelled from the House of Representatives last week for participating in a gun control demonstration, has been reinstated and has vowed to continue his call for common sense gun legislation.
State Rep. Justin Jones delivers remarks outside the state Capitol, in Nashville on Monday.
Image: George Walker IV/AP

Jones, along with fellow Democrat Justin Pearson, was expelled by the Republican-controlled legislature after a protest on the chamber floor in response to a mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school. Despite his expulsion, Jones was reappointed to the House of Representatives by the Nashville Metropolitan Council in a unanimous vote.

In his reinstatement speech, Jones emphasized the importance of gun reform and vowed to work on legislation right away. As a new member, he will be able to file 15 bills, all of which will focus on gun reform, a pressing issue that he believes young people are begging the legislature to address. Jones was cheered on by a large crowd after marching back to the Capitol and giving a rousing speech.

Meanwhile, Pearson’s still vacant District 86 seat will be addressed at a Shelby County Board of Commissioners meeting in Memphis. Pearson’s expulsion was deemed “hasty” and without due consideration of other corrective action methods.

Pearson also expressed his disappointment at the lack of action being taken to prevent gun violence in the state and the country as a whole.

The Tennessee House Republicans have released a statement saying that they will welcome back any expelled member who is reappointed and that they are expected to follow the rules of the House and state law.

While Jones’ reinstatement was cause for celebration, Pearson pointed out that the mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky, less than a month after the Nashville school shooting, highlights the urgent need for effective gun control measures.

The reinstatement of Justin Jones is a step forward for gun reform in Tennessee. Jones’ commitment to addressing the issue and filing legislation will hopefully inspire action among legislators, and Pearson’s fight for due process serves as a reminder of the importance of fair and thoughtful decision-making. As the state and country continue to grapple with the devastating effects of gun violence, it is essential that lawmakers prioritize the safety and well-being of their constituents.

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