Former Google Employee Regrets Quitting After 11 Years

Leaving a job is a bold move, fraught with risks. There’s always the chance that your next endeavor won’t pan out, and an even greater likelihood that you’ll start missing your old office routine soon after departing. Nupur Dave, a Bengaluru native who spent 11 years at Google in the US, experienced exactly this scenario. Despite initially feeling confident about her decision to pursue early retirement, she quickly found herself regretting it.

In 2022, at the age of 40, Nupur Dave decided to retire early after over a decade at Google in the US, where she was earning around Rs 82 lakh per year and based out of the San Francisco office.

Just two days after leaving, she was already second-guessing herself, according to Business Insider. Despite financial security, the isolation of retirement hit her hard, highlighting her need for social interaction.

Speaking to Business Insider, Nupur Dave recounted how she “cried her eyes out” upon realizing the importance of interacting with her colleagues. “By Monday evening, I was just bawling,” she said. “I was crying my eyes out because I realized that I need to be with people.”

Nupur Dave had plans for retirement, including writing her third book and networking at co-working spaces. However, her experience at a co-working space on her first day was disappointing; it was empty, and she struggled to connect with others. The uninspiring environment left her feeling disheartened.

Faced with the challenges of early retirement, Nupur Dave decided to return to India and join the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community. She highlighted the viability of achieving FIRE in India, emphasizing the ability to maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

Although Nupur had initially departed from the corporate world, she later returned to it, assuming the role of head of special projects at an electric vehicle infrastructure firm in Bengaluru. Her priorities shifted from building a career or accumulating wealth to establishing a predictable routine and daily interactions.

Speaking with Business Insider, Nupur shared her new focus on corporate life with different goals. While still part of the corporate world, her primary aim is to establish a predictable routine and connect with people daily. She also stressed the importance of social interactions in her renewed journey.

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