Trump-RNC Fundraising Raises Questions on Legal Fee Allocations

Trump-RNC Fundraising Raises
A recent report suggests that Donald Trump’s collaboration with the Republican National Committee (RNC) in fundraising could benefit a group responsible for covering his legal expenses.

Trump, who recently secured the Republican presidential nomination, is now able to raise funds alongside the RNC for the upcoming election against Democrat Joe Biden on November 5th.

Despite easily clinching the nomination, Trump faces financial pressure due to mounting legal costs and reluctance from major donors to contribute, partly out of concern that their donations might go towards these legal fees.

Reports indicate that the Trump 47 Committee, which channels funds to the Save America leadership group, prioritizes directing donations there before allocating any to the RNC. This move, highlighted in an invitation to an April 6 fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, could help replenish a fund that has already spent over $55 million on legal bills since the beginning of 2023.

However, there’s a risk of this fund drying up once support from another fundraising group ceases. It’s important to note that Save America is legally limited to accepting individual donations of up to $5,000, thus limiting the potential boost from the collaboration with the RNC.

The Trump 47 Committee aims to collect contributions from top donors totaling up to $814,600, with Save America receiving a portion and the remainder going to the RNC, followed by various Republican state parties.

In response to concerns about the allocation of funds, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung emphasized that the majority of funds raised through the Trump 47 Committee ultimately benefit the Trump campaign, the RNC, and state GOP parties.

Recent financial disclosures indicate that Save America increased its spending on legal fees last month, with its primary income being a $5 million refund largely consisting of contributions from small donors.

This refund was originally transferred to the main super PAC supporting Trump, MAGA Inc., in 2022. However, the super PAC has since returned most of the $60 million it received from Save America, suggesting potential challenges for Save America in raising funds moving forward.

Additionally, Trump faces difficulties in securing a bond to cover a $454 million judgment in New York, putting the Trump Organization’s assets at risk of seizure by the state.

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