After 22 months, Donald Trump’s Twitter account is back

51.8 percent of Twitter users said that Donald Trump’s account should be restarted.

Former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been reactivated today after a 22-month ban. But Reuters reported that Donald Trump said that “he has no interest in returning to this social media platform.”

Twitter has reactivated Trump’s account following a positive response to a poll about reactivating his account. On the poll, 51.8 percent of users voted that Trump’s account should be restarted.

Elon Musk tweeted that “Trump’s account will be restarted as the people have said”. Immediately after that, Trump’s account was activated.

“I don’t see any reason to return to Twitter”, Trump said. Trump’s startup ‘Trump Media and Technology Group’ (TMTG) has developed the app ‘Truth Social’. Trump has claimed that this app is better than Twitter and has more users. Therefore, Trump has clarified that he will be active on the platform ‘Truth Social‘.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk announced a new ‘content moderation’ policy on Saturday while the resignation session is underway on Twitter. At the same time, Twitter has also decided to restart some closed accounts. “Negative and hateful tweets will be removed. Twitter will not run ads for such tweets. Unless tweets are specifically searched for, they won’t be found,” Musk said. He has also clarified that these rules apply only to individual tweets and not to the entire account.

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