Qatar bans beer sales at FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums | Thousands of liquor lovers are upset with Qatar’s sudden decision.

A total ban has been imposed on the sale of beer in stadiums during the FIFA World Cup 2022, which starts on Sunday. Thousands of booze-loving spectators have been upset by the sudden decision change with 48 hours to go before the tournament.

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“Following discussions between the administration of the host country of the World Cup and the International Football Federation (FIFA), a complete ban on the sale of beer in stadiums has been issued,” said a statement issued by FIFA.

While champagne, wine, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages will be served in the expensive ‘luxury’ section of the stadium, general ticket holders at all eight grounds will have to settle for non-alcoholic beverages only.

AB InBev, the maker of Budweiser beer, signed an agreement with FIFA in 1986. Accordingly, the company has the official rights to sell liquor in the stadium during the World Cup.

In return, the company pays billions of dollars to FIFA. Qatar had accepted all of FIFA’s commercial contracts when it submitted its bid to host the World Cup and signed the agreement.

Budweiser was also given permission to set up a stall in a hidden location. For this, the company has sent a large stock of Budweiser from London to Qatar. However, now that Qatar has suddenly changed its stance, liquor lovers expressed their displeasure.

Non-drinkers will not make a difference. But taking such a decision in time is a warning of danger. “Whether the word is worth it or not,” asked Ronan Evin, director general of Football Supporters Europe. “AB Inweb” and the Qatari administration have not yet given any reaction, the “Associated Press” said.

In the 2014 World Cup, host Brazil had to change its rules to allow beer sales in stadiums. Qatar, however, has forced FIFA to break the commercial agreement.

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