Skittles and French’s Unite to Create a Mustard-Flavored Candy Sensation on National Mustard Day

Skittles and French's Unite to Create a Mustard-Flavored Candy Sensation on National Mustard Day
In a bold and unprecedented move, Skittles and French’s have teamed up to unveil a groundbreaking treat just in time for National Mustard Day on August 5. Prepare to be amazed as the beloved candy brand takes a daring leap into the world of savory flavors with its very first mustard-flavored Skittle. This delightful confection promises a unique twist, featuring the tangy essence of mustard fused with Skittles’ signature chewy texture, all wrapped up in a vibrant yellow hue.

As much as you’d love to find this intriguing concoction alongside your favorite candies or condiments in stores, you’ll need to embark on a special quest to get your hands on it. The mustard-flavored Skittle is exclusively available at French’s captivating “Mustard Mobile,” making pit stops in three major US cities. Mark your calendars for July 31 in Atlanta, August 2 in Washington, and the grand finale on August 5 in New York. Don’t worry; you won’t be venturing into this mustard-flavored adventure empty-handed. Fans have the chance to enter an exciting online sweepstakes, presenting the opportunity to win a coveted package of this daring fusion.

It’s not uncommon for food brands to push the boundaries of taste in pursuit of social media virality. These daring marketing stunts serve not only to boost short-term sales but also to create a buzz in the media and generate excitement among consumers.

Ro Cheng, Mars’ visionary marketing director, expressed their commitment to bringing joy to fans through innovative and unexpected experiences with the brand. Skittles, known for its delightful sweet and sour flavors, has a history of releasing limited-edition varieties. For instance, in 2020, the brand temporarily set aside its iconic rainbow packaging to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, featuring artist-designed pride packages.

For French’s, owned by the esteemed McCormick & Company, partnering with Skittles is just another chapter in their book of holiday surprises. Last year, the company captured the attention of New Yorkers with a mustard-flavored donut, and in 2019, daring dessert enthusiasts were introduced to a yellow mustard-flavored ice cream, cleverly combining two all-American classics: ice cream and mustard.

McCormick’s acquisition of French’s from Reckitt Benckiser (RBGLY) in 2017 for a staggering $4 billion has allowed the seasoning giant to expand its portfolio, solidifying French’s as the leading mustard brand in the United States.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and celebrate National Mustard Day in the most unexpected way possible with Skittles and French’s extraordinary mustard-flavored candy collaboration. Remember, this limited-time sensation is not to be missed, so make sure to catch the “Mustard Mobile” in one of its select cities and embrace this bold and unforgettable flavor adventure!

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