Breaking Boundaries: Neena Singh Emerges as New Jersey’s Pioneer Sikh Mayor

Neena Singh New Jersey's Sikh Mayor
In a historic moment, the vibrant tapestry of Montgomery Township in New Jersey welcomed Neena Singh as its trailblazing Mayor, marking not only the first time a Sikh but also the first Indian American woman assumed such a pivotal role in municipal governance. The Township Committee, in an unprecedented move, unanimously selected Singh on the 4th of January, solidifying her status as a groundbreaking figure in the state.

A resident of Montgomery for a quarter-century, Neena Singh’s journey to the mayorship began in 2021 when she joined the Township Committee. Her ascent was swift, having served as Deputy Mayor before ascending to the coveted position of Mayor.

Expressing her gratitude at the historic event, Neena Singh stated, “I feel honored and humbled to be the first Sikh woman Mayor in New Jersey and the first immigrant Indian to hold this prestigious office in Montgomery and Somerset County.” This sentiment was shared on her LinkedIn profile, a platform that has become a digital stage for her accomplishments.

Singh’s foray into public service is not limited to her recent mayoral role. Her portfolio includes being a Montgomery Board of Health Liaison (2023), contributing to the Municipal Alliance/Youth Services (2023), and serving as an Advisory Board Member for the Health Mind Health Body Initiative since 2017. She is also an Executive Board Member of STAND central NJ and actively involved in various capacities, from Economic Development Commission to Social Equity ambassador at Keller Williams Tri-state.

Her dedication extends to community initiatives such as the Montgomery Schools – Human Relation Advisory Committee, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts- Troop 46 (2005 – 2015). Beyond her public service roles, Singh co-founded and directs marketing at LS Client Choice, Belle Mead NJ, and holds a senior partnership at Keller Williams Cornerstone, Montgomery NJ.

Neena Singh’s academic background is equally impressive, with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts History & Political Science. Her achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she proudly boasts the New Jersey Governor’s Synergy award received in 2009.

On a personal note, Neena Singh is married to PJ Singh and is a proud parent of three children, all of whom graduated from Montgomery High School – Natasha, Prianka, and Sahib. Her journey from Canada to the U.S. 25 years ago is a testament to her pursuit of the American Dream.

In an era where diversity and inclusion take center stage, Neena Singh’s groundbreaking role adds a vibrant thread to the rich tapestry of Montgomery Township. Her journey, marked by commitment and community service, is a beacon of inspiration for all, transcending cultural and gender barriers.

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