Israel-Hamas conflict: Increased security for Israeli citizens living in India

Israel-Hamas conflict: Increased security for Israeli citizens living in India
In light of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, India has taken proactive steps to ensure the safety and security of Israeli nationals residing in the country. This encompasses diplomats, staff, and tourists, emphasizing the paramount importance of their well-being during these challenging times.

A nationwide alert has been issued and communicated to all relevant security establishments and police authorities, urging them to bolster security at identified strategic locations. Substantial deployments have been arranged in areas frequented by Israeli nationals to ensure their safety.

Recent events, such as the assault on an Israel embassy staff member in Beijing, China, have prompted Indian authorities to heighten vigilance regarding the security of Israeli nationals. The incident, confirmed by the Israeli foreign ministry, highlighted the critical need for immediate action.

The alert also takes into account the upcoming Jewish festivals in October, necessitating enhanced security measures during these significant events.

Metropolitan cities like the national capital, New Delhi, and Mumbai, which have experienced attacks in the past, are particularly targeted for round-the-clock monitoring by local law enforcement. Strengthened security arrangements are emphasized for Israeli missions, diplomats, officials, staff, business establishments, Chabad houses, Jewish community centers, and other vital locations.

Furthermore, all pertinent law enforcement agencies have been directed to increase security at various Israeli tourist destinations, Israeli delegations, Kosher restaurants, museums, schools, resorts, and other key areas. Adequate deployment of security personnel and essential arrangements have been mandated, and staff have been thoroughly briefed on standard operating procedures, urging them to stay vigilant to prevent any untoward incidents.

This cautionary alert has been communicated nationwide, extending beyond metropolitan cities to regions where Israeli nationals reside in significant numbers. Given the history of terror incidents against Israeli officials, including a minor bomb explosion near the Israeli embassy and the 26/11 attacks targeting Nariman House in Mumbai, these precautionary measures are vital to ensure the safety and security of Israeli nationals in India.

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