Meghan Trainor Welcomes Second Baby with Husband Daryl Sabara on Their 7th Anniversary

Pop sensation Meghan Trainor has double the reason to celebrate this week as she commemorates the seventh anniversary of her first date with actor husband Daryl Sabara and the joyous arrival of their second child. The talented singer took to Instagram to share the delightful news with her fans, introducing their newborn baby boy as Barry Bruce Trainor. Join in the excitement as we explore this heartwarming family milestone.

Meghan Trainor joyfully shared the news of her second child’s birth on July 1st, coinciding with the couple’s 7th anniversary. The couple lovingly named their new bundle of joy Barry Bruce Trainor. The announcement received an outpouring of love and congratulations from friends, family, and fans.

Trainor disclosed that the birth of Barry Bruce Trainor occurred via C-section due to his transverse position in the womb. Weighing a healthy 8lbs 7oz, the little one arrived safely, allowing Meghan to finally experience the cherished “skin to skin” time with her newborn. The singer expressed gratitude for a successful procedure and shared heartwarming photos of herself, Daryl, and their beautiful baby boy.

The news of Meghan Trainor’s second baby spread like wildfire, capturing the attention of numerous celebrities. Mandy Moore, renowned actress and singer, expressed her excitement, saying, “Go Mama!! And welcome to the party, Barry!! What a lucky dude!” Viral TikTok star Elyse Myers couldn’t contain her delight, commenting, “Oh my gosh Meghan!!!! He’s perfect!!!!”

Meghan Trainor’s first child, Riley, arrived in February 2021, and now the family is overjoyed to welcome Barry Bruce Trainor. The singer shared her pregnancy journey on Instagram, revealing the challenges she faced, including perioral dermatitis, insomnia, heartburn, and the common feeling of “mom guilt.” Trainor’s candid and relatable posts about her experiences have endeared her to fans around the world.

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