Bitcoin Startups Secure $127 Million in Funding

Bitcoin Startups Funding
In 2024, the Bitcoin ecosystem has experienced a surge in funding for startups. According to data from Coin98 Analytics sourced from, 43 projects centered around Bitcoin have attracted investment from key players in the industry.

Recent months have witnessed a significant influx of capital into the cryptocurrency sphere, particularly targeting Bitcoin-related ventures. On April 10, Coin98 Analytics revealed an infographic showcasing that 43 projects specifically dedicated to the Bitcoin ecosystem have successfully secured funding from notable investors.

This data originates from, an online platform tracking fundraising activities within the crypto domain.

The data from indicates that these 43 Bitcoin-focused initiatives have collectively raised $127.19 million. Notable examples include Alpen Labs, which recently exited stealth mode with a $10.6 million funding round, Ordinalsbot securing $3 million in seed funding, Bitlayer receiving $5 million from investors in March, and Mezo obtaining $23 million for further Bitcoin development.

Coin98 Analytics’ infographic categorizes these startups into different segments, including layer two (L2) projects like Bitflow, Chainway, and Merlin Chain, as well as wallets such as Unisat and Oyl, and staking protocols like Babylon and Bouncebit.

Other highlighted sectors encompass gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), bridges, APIs, launchpads, and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces.

The backers for these projects span a diverse range, including Castle Island Ventures, Geometry Research, Okx Ventures, Ribbit Capital, Pantera, Framework, Maven Capital, Portal Ventures, UTXO Management, Starkware, and Arrington Capital, among others.

Additionally, several other Bitcoin-focused ventures anticipate upcoming fundraising announcements in the near future.

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