Toyota Reveals the Retro-Style Land Cruiser’s Rebirth

Toyota Reveals the Retro-Style Land Cruiser's Rebirth
Toyota Motor Corp.’s new Land Cruiser is pictured at its unveiling event in Tokyo, Japan August 2, 2023, in this photo taken by Kyodo via REUTERS
The Toyota Land Cruiser is making a comeback in North America exactly three years after taking a break, this time with an all new retro-inspired appearance. Along with its timeless appearance, the new Land Cruiser will be more reasonably priced than its predecessor. This new car continues the trend of improved off-road capability and a rise in popularity of traditional truck-like SUVs. Ford brought reintroduced the Bronco off-road SUV in 2021 to appeal to the sentimental brand devotees. Toyota’s Land Cruiser also has its own devoted following.

The old Land Cruiser, which was last offered in the US for the 2021 model year, is a little bit smaller than the new one. With a starting price of over $80,000, that model was quite lavish for Toyota and closely related to the luxury SUV from Lexus, the LX. The new Land Cruiser’s starting price of $55,000 places it more in the category of a tough off-road vehicle than a high-end daily car. In spring 2024, it’s anticipated to be accessible in the US.

Customers in the US will be given the 1958 Land Cruiser model, the year it was initially made available in the nation, for those who wish to learn more about the genuine history of the Land Cruiser. A limited edition of 5,000 first-edition cars with two-tone paint and additional off-road equipment will be available. It will include traditional design cues like rounder headlamps rather of the usual sleek LED lighting.

The 2024 Cruiser will have contemporary hybrid power despite its retro appearance. It will have a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor together producing 326 horsepower in total. Toyota has said that the fuel economy numbers will be released at a later time.

Toyota, which recently revealed intentions to switch to an all-electric vehicle lineup, is still committed to hybrid cars because they think they have a significant impact on lowering carbon emissions worldwide. On the same day that the Cruiser was unveiled, Toyota also revealed that its quarterly profits had nearly doubled as a result of higher production and sales as well as advantageous currency exchange rates.

On the model’s official birth anniversary, the unveiling takes place. The American military was looking for a vehicle to function with their legendary Jeeps on the Korean Peninsula when it first started the Korean War, and this is how the Land Cruiser came to be. For the Japanese military during World War II, Toyota had previously developed sizable amphibious landing devices, including four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Kurt Williams, the director of the Heritage Museum of Land Cruisers in Salt Lake City, claimed that engineers had created the Jeep BJ, which went into production on August 1 of that year. Despite the fact that the car didn’t receive a military contract, Toyota recognized potential in the small off-roader and kept working on it. It was christened the Land Cruiser in 1955 to reflect its capacity to easily traverse any terrain.

Only one Land Cruiser was sold in the first year after it was introduced in the United States in 1958. Around 1960, a newer model was released with enhanced off-road performance and higher build quality. The Land Cruiser, also known as the Series 40, became the most well-liked Toyota model sold in the United States as a result of Toyota’s recently expanded American dealer network. With its rounded headlamps and the word “Toyota” emblazoned on the grille, it has become a classic that is still well-known to many American drivers.

The Land Cruiser has gained popularity throughout the world, particularly in regions with bad roads and few service centers. Early Land Cruisers and other historic SUVs have become quite popular in the collector market, claims Bryan Rabold, vice president of automotive intelligence at Hagerty, a business that regularly monitors antique vehicles. Compared to other vintage SUVs, the Land Cruiser’s price has slightly decreased in recent years, but a 1970 Land Cruiser that had been customized and fitted with contemporary conveniences only recently sold for $270,000 on the Bring A Trailer website.

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