Zelensky’s Plea to Honor Individual Soldiers Signals Challenging Times Ahead

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine utilized his daily address on Saturday to express gratitude towards the brave soldiers on the front lines and in the skies, emphasizing their crucial role in the anticipated counteroffensive that Kyiv is preparing to launch.

While it is customary for Zelensky to acknowledge specific units in his speeches, yesterday he went above and beyond by mentioning more than a dozen individuals, including commanders, gunners, marines, and infantrymen.

Zelensky emphasized, “We must always remember that our defense, our proactive measures, and the independence of Ukraine are not abstract concepts. They are the result of the dedication and heroic actions of specific individuals who have ensured the existence and future of our great nation.”

The Ukrainian President concluded his speech by calling upon all Ukrainians to personally express their gratitude to the servicemen and servicewomen.

Concerns over Air Superiority: Zelensky’s address comes at a time of ongoing speculation about Ukraine’s long-anticipated counteroffensive, which has been imminent for several weeks and is now expected to commence in the coming days. In an interview published in The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, President Zelensky confirmed Kyiv’s readiness to carry out the operation.

“As of today, we are prepared to proceed. We would prefer to have certain resources, but waiting for months is not an option,” said Zelensky.

Last month, Ukraine expressed the need for additional time to secure more military aid from Western countries, particularly air defense systems, which are urgently required.

Zelensky has dedicated extensive efforts to persuade Western powers to provide Ukraine with fighter jets and weapons that would enable them to gain control of the skies, ultimately minimizing the casualties among Ukrainian fighters during any potential counteroffensive.

During his interview with the Journal, Zelensky openly acknowledged Russia’s current air superiority on the front lines. He emphasized that the absence of protection against Russian aerial power would result in a significant loss of Ukrainian soldiers.

“It is widely known that any counteroffensive conducted without air superiority is an extremely perilous endeavor,” stated Zelensky.

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