Larry Nassar, Disgraced Ex-USA Gymnastics Doctor, Stabbed in Prison

Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor convicted of sexually abusing female gymnasts, has been stabbed during an altercation with another inmate at the United States Penitentiary Coleman in Florida. This shocking incident has left Nassar hospitalized with multiple stab wounds.

According to a reliable source, the attack took place on Sunday evening and was later confirmed by the Associated Press. Although the Federal Bureau of Prisons has not released specific details about Nassar’s condition, individuals familiar with the incident, who spoke anonymously to the AP, stated that Nassar is currently in stable condition after being stabbed in the back and chest.

Concerns over security have prevented the Federal Bureau of Prisons from confirming the identity or health condition of any inmate involved in the incident. However, they have acknowledged that an inmate was assaulted and promptly received medical attention. Additionally, the FBI has been notified, and an internal investigation is underway. Fortunately, no other staff members or prisoners were harmed during the altercation.

Larry Nassar, aged 59, was convicted in 2017 on child pornography charges, resulting in a 60-year prison sentence. In 2018, he received an additional 40 to 175 years in prison for sexually assaulting numerous gymnasts, including Olympic medalists. Subsequently, in February 2018, Nassar pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault in Eaton County, Michigan, and received an additional 40 to 125 years in Michigan state prison.

Following his initial imprisonment in Tucson, Arizona, Nassar was attacked shortly after being released into the general population. As a result, authorities decided to transfer him to United States Penitentiary Coleman II, a maximum-security federal prison located about 90 minutes from Tampa, Florida. However, considering the recent attack, sources indicate that Nassar may be relocated to another facility for his safety.

Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to publicly accuse Nassar of sexual assault, expressed her grief on Twitter, emphasizing that the survivors she knows are not rejoicing but rather mourning the extensive damage caused. Sarah Klein, an attorney and victim advocate who was the first known victim of Nassar’s abuse, emphasized that she believes Larry Nassar should face the severe prison sentence imposed upon him, rather than supporting any form of violence, as it goes against moral principles.

Larry Nassar admitted to sexually assaulting athletes while employed at Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics, an organization that trains Olympic athletes. Additionally, he pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography. Disturbingly, during victim impact statements in 2018, numerous athletes testified that they had disclosed the abuse to adults, including coaches and athletic trainers, but their reports were ignored.

Over 100 women, including Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, sought more than $1 billion in damages from the federal government for the FBI’s failure to intervene when allegations against Larry Nassar emerged in 2015. Michigan State University, accused of missed opportunities to stop Larry Nassar, agreed to pay $500 million to over 300 women and girls who were victimized by him. Similarly, USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee reached a $380 million settlement.

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