Carnival Cruise Ship Battled Terrifying Waves off Charleston, Causing Chaos and Passenger Disarray

A Carnival cruise ship encountered a harrowing ordeal off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, as it faced relentless waves during a storm. The incident left passengers frightened and the vessel battered. The lack of communication from cruise staff added to the anxiety onboard. Despite some minor injuries requiring medical attention, the Carnival Sunshine assured that all guests were safe. Let’s delve into the details of this extraordinary event that unfolded amidst gusty winds and treacherous surf conditions along the southeastern coast of the United States.
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The Carnival Sunshine, en route from the Bahamas to South Carolina, eventually reached Charleston behind schedule due to the severe weather conditions. As a result of water damage, certain crew cabins had to be temporarily closed for maintenance. Consequently, the ship’s subsequent voyage faced a delay before it embarked on its journey.

The National Hurricane Center had previously issued a warning about a non-tropical area of low pressure off Florida, expected to move northward and inland over the Carolinas. Forecasters accurately predicted gusty winds, dangerous surf, and rip currents along portions of the southeastern coast throughout the weekend.

Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine experienced distress as they witnessed the ship being tossed about in the tempestuous sea. The lack of updates from the captain heightened their unease, with communication only occurring once in the afternoon. During that address, the captain reassured them of the crew’s experience and their commitment to minimizing discomfort throughout the storm. Passengers, including Sharon Tutrone, a professor at Coastal Carolina University, took to social media to express their fears and commend Carnival Cruise for their handling of the situation.

Sharon Tutrone later described the relentless battering the ship endured, enduring 14 hours of high winds, torrential rain, and massive waves. She vividly recounted the ship being struck by a colossal wave, evoking the sound of a ship splitting in two. Other passengers, such as Brenda Goodwin Sherbert, also shared their harrowing experiences, including broken glass and water infiltrating their cabins through the balcony doors.

Amidst the storm, passengers noticed an enigmatic message displayed on the ship’s televisions: “Public address announcement please standby.” Reid Overcash, an experienced cruiser, voiced his genuine fear for his life when the ship tilted left, and winds reached speeds of 70-90 mph. Despite the terrifying encounter, Overcash remains undeterred and plans to continue his love for cruising, acknowledging that such unfortunate incidents are rare occurrences.

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