Senator Tim Scott, 58, has announced his engagement to Mindy Noce on social media.

The longtime bachelor shared photos of himself proposing on bended knee and Noce flashing an engagement ring.

Expressing gratitude, Scott called himself the luckiest man and included a Bible verse from Proverbs.

Noce, described as a Charleston-area interior designer and mother of three, appeared with Scott at a November event, revealing they had been dating for about a year.

Scott's decision to publicly acknowledge his relationship came after conservative voters questioned his status as a quinquagenarian bachelor.

He emphasized that he wouldn't bring his partner onto the campaign trail unless marriage was the intention.

Just before proposing, Scott endorsed Donald Trump as the GOP candidate in the upcoming presidential election,

potentially influencing the primary contest against former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Speculation surrounds the possibility of Trump choosing Scott as his vice presidential nominee, given Scott's recent endorsement and loyalty.

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