Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has withdrawn from the 2024 presidential race and endorsed Donald Trump, citing a lack of a clear path to victory in the Republican primary in New Hampshire, where he was polling poorly.

Nikki Haley, Trump's remaining challenger, asserts that she is the only candidate capable of defeating President Joe Biden and will compete with Trump in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

DeSantis, in a video statement on X, expressed gratitude to his supporters and stated that he would honor his pledge to support the Republican nominee, endorsing Trump as the frontrunner.

Despite disagreements with Trump, DeSantis deemed him superior to Biden, emphasizing the majority of Republican voters' desire to give Trump another chance.

Trump, responding to DeSantis's withdrawal, praised him as a "really terrific person" and acknowledged the challenges of running a campaign.

DeSantis, who positioned himself as a candidate for Trump's agenda without the drama, faced criticism from some, including being labeled "diet Trump" by a Florida Representative.

Supporters expressed disappointment in DeSantis's campaign, with some believing Trump is the only person capable of saving the country.

After DeSantis's exit, the Trump campaign urged all Republicans to support Trump and criticized Haley as "the candidate of the globalists and Democrats."

DeSantis also criticized Haley as a representative of the "old Republican guard," while she maintained she is the conservative candidate capable of defeating Biden.

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