UEFA Criticized Over Champions League and Europa League Final Ticket Allocations

UEFA Champions League final
Football Supporters Europe (FSE) has criticized UEFA following the confirmation of ticket allocations for the 2024 men’s Champions League and Europa League finals.

The breakdown revealed that for the upcoming Champions League final at Wembley on June 1, each participating team will receive 25,000 tickets out of the total 86,000 available. The remaining tickets will be made available for general sale worldwide.

Similarly, for this season’s Europa League final scheduled at the Dublin Arena in the Republic of Ireland on May 22, each progressing team will be allocated 12,000 tickets out of the 48,000 total.

FSE has voiced its concerns over the limited allocation to supporters of the participating clubs, urging UEFA to increase the number of available tickets.

In a statement, FSE emphasized the need for UEFA and local organizers to reconsider the allocations, highlighting recent progress but calling for a more consistent approach across all finals.

While acknowledging improvements, FSE underscored that the current 50% allocation for Europa League finalist clubs falls short of the desired 66% allocation for all European finals.

The statement stressed the importance of prioritizing fans of competing teams over general public sales.

In response to FSE’s criticism, UEFA, when contacted by The Athletic, explained that the decision on ticket allocation was made in consultation with local authorities and based on logistical considerations, including access routes within the stadium.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin previously defended the ticket allocation system, stating that the revenues from finals largely benefit the clubs, with UEFA receiving only a small percentage. He explained that ticket distribution considers contractual obligations with sponsors, ensuring that clubs receive the majority of revenue.

Ceferin emphasized that the current system is designed to support clubs financially and cannot be significantly altered without affecting club revenues.

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