NFL Receiver John Ross Announces Early Retirement

NFL Receiver John Ross Announces Early Retirement
In a surprising turn of events, the Kansas City Chiefs face the unexpected retirement of talented wide receiver, John Ross, at the young age of 27. On July 26, Ross was placed on the reserve/retired list, marking an end to his short-lived career with the Chiefs and bidding farewell to the NFL. This article explores the circumstances surrounding his retirement, the impact on the Chiefs’ roster, and a recap of Ross’s journey from being a top draft pick to his final season in the league.

As the Kansas City Chiefs take a break from training camp, they find themselves moving forward without a valuable member of their roster. The NFL transaction wire on July 26 reported Ross’s placement on the reserve/retired list, signifying the end of his professional football journey. During the morning practice on Wednesday, Ross was among the five players who didn’t participate, and it was later revealed that he had been excused from the session. Subsequently, the Chiefs confirmed his decision to retire from the sport.

John Ross’s career began with high hopes when he was selected as the No. 9 overall draft pick in 2017, landing just one spot before the iconic Patrick Mahomes. Known for his blistering speed, Ross set an official NFL Scouting Combine record with an astonishing 4.22-second 40-yard dash. Despite his immense potential, John Ross faced some ups and downs during his tenure in the NFL.

After a promising start with the Cincinnati Bengals, where he tallied 51 receptions for 733 yards and 10 touchdowns over 27 games, Ross’s journey took an unexpected turn. He later joined the New York Giants for the 2021-22 season, but unfortunately, his playing time diminished, with only 11 catches for 224 yards and one touchdown, along with a single rushing attempt for 16 yards. Regrettably, the past 2022-23 season saw John Ross unable to secure a spot on any team’s roster, marking the last time he took the field for an NFL regular-season game.

When the Chiefs signed John Ross to a Reserve/Future deal in January, they anticipated his contribution to the team’s wide receiver depth chart and special teams during training camp and the preseason. However, with his sudden retirement, those expectations have been cut short. While Ross’s talent was undeniable, his decision to step away from the sport has left the Chiefs to recalibrate their roster strategy moving forward.

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