Why Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Choose Not to Marry After 40 Years Together

Why Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Choose Not to Marry After 40 Years Together
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, the beloved Hollywood couple, have captured the hearts of audiences both on and off the screen since their union in 1984. Surprisingly, despite their enduring love, the couple has never tied the knot, and Goldie Hawn recently shed light on their decision during a candid conversation with CNN’s Chris Wallace. In a thought-provoking response, Hawn posed her own question, asking, “Why should we get married? Isn’t that a better question?”

When pressed further by Wallace, Goldie Hawn elaborated on their choice, citing their shared history with divorce and their desire to protect their children as key factors in their decision to forgo marriage.

“Because we had been married,” Goldie Hawn explained, “And when it doesn’t work out, it becomes a complex affair. There are possessions to divide, and it can turn ugly. Divorce often leaves you resenting the person even more than before. How many divorces can claim to be painless? How many divorces don’t come with a financial cost? And most importantly, how many divorces don’t hurt the children involved?”

Prior to her relationship with Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn had been married to actor-director Gus Trikonis for seven years before marrying Bill Hudson, the father of her children Oliver and Kate Hudson. Russell, too, had experienced divorce, having separated from actress-singer Season Hubley in 1983 following their four-year marriage.

Hawn and Russell first crossed paths during the filming of Disney’s 1968 musical, “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.” Their paths would converge again in 1983 on the set of “Swing Shift,” ultimately leading to the birth of their son, Wyatt Russell, three years later. With blended families that included Russell’s son, Boston, from a previous marriage, they found joy in building a harmonious household together.

“I cherish the freedom to wake up each morning and make decisions about where I want to be,” Hawn shared.

“Maintaining a relationship is a challenging journey,” she added. “It’s not always smooth sailing. There are obstacles to overcome, differing beliefs, and areas of agreement. Therefore, I believe in the importance of maintaining independence and individuality, so that we can stay true to ourselves.”

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