Kendrick Lamar Fires Back at Drake with ‘6:16 in LA’ Diss Track

Kendrick Lamar Drake 6:16 in LA
Kendrick Lamar has escalated his feud with Drake by dropping another diss track titled “6:16 in LA,” following closely on the heels of his previous release, “Euphoria.”

In this latest move, Lamar borrows a tactic often used by Drake himself: releasing tracks that reference specific times and places, such as Drake’s “6PM in New York” and “8am in Charlotte.” Lamar’s track cover features a black Maybach glove, a nod to Rick Ross’s involvement in the ongoing rap beef.

The song kicks off with Lamar questioning the honesty of someone, setting a confrontational tone from the start. Throughout the track’s 3 minutes and 44 seconds, Lamar takes aim at Drake’s persona, his record label, and his associates. He alleges that Drake is a “fake bully” and insinuates that Drake’s own team may be conspiring against him.

Lamar also addresses Drake’s tactics in their feud, alleging that Drake resorted to paying for information to use against him, but came up empty-handed. He emphasizes that while he prefers peace, he’s prepared for war if necessary.

The track closes with a reference to Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone,” urging Drake to reconsider who he surrounds himself with.

This latest release comes after Lamar praised Drake’s track “Back To Back” in “Euphoria,” but also criticized Drake’s authenticity and his handling of past controversies, including his feud with Pusha T and allegations about his personal life.

Drake has responded with his own diss tracks, including “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” the latter of which was removed from streaming platforms due to legal threats over the unauthorized use of a Tupac Shakur impersonation.

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