Gavin Wood Unveils JAM Chain Protocol at Token2049

Gavin Wood Polkadot Token2049
Token2049: During his speech at Token2024 in Dubai, Gavin Wood, a seasoned figure in the blockchain realm, disclosed plans for a novel protocol named JAM Chain. This protocol is constructed on the foundational principles of Ethereum and Polkadot.

With over a decade of experience in blockchain development, Gavin Wood is renowned for his role in co-founding several prominent decentralized networks, including Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), and Kusama (KSM).

Notably, he is the original author of Ethereum’s Yellow Paper, which serves as the formal definition of the crypto world’s second-largest blockchain, following Bitcoin (BTC).

Gavin Wood’s presentation at the Token2024 blockchain conference introduced JAM Chain as primarily a protocol rather than mere software. According to Gavin Wood, JAM is engineered to prioritize speed and decentralization in both its architecture and developmental approach.

Explaining further, Gavin Wood outlined that Polkadot’s JAM Chain aims to provide smart contract functionality through a decentralized hybrid system.

While sharing similarities with Ethereum’s EVM, JAM shifts towards a new paradigm termed PMB, which is propelled by Polkadot’s foundational infrastructure.

Gavin Wood encouraged attendees to delve into JAM’s Gray Paper for a deeper understanding of the protocol. Additionally, he highlighted the JAM prize initiative, supported by the Web3 Foundation, aimed at incentivizing engagement.

This initiative will reward developers across various levels of JAM implementation. Developers will also have access to a comprehensive testing tool called the JAM toaster, designed to aid in debugging and optimization.

Gavin Wood announced that the Polkadot Fellowship, the technical body overseeing Polkadot upgrades, will finalize all necessary tooling and software specifications required to operate the JAM chain once a proposal is issued in the forthcoming months.

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