Uber Offers $1,000 to Ditch Your Car for 5 Weeks

Uber Offers 1000
Uber is offering $1,000 to participants in the US and Canada who are willing to forego their cars for five weeks.

This initiative, known as the One Less Car trial, aims to highlight the costs of personal car ownership and its broader impacts on health and urban environments. The trial, inspired by a previous experiment in Australia, will select 175 participants across cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto.

Participants will receive $1,000 in total, allocated as follows:

  • $500 in Uber Cash for rides or Lime bike/scooter shares
  • $200 voucher for car rentals or carshares
  • $300 for other transportation modes like public transit

Additionally, participants will receive a free one-month Uber One membership. To qualify, participants must be over 18, hold a driver’s license, and typically use their car more than three times a week. They will document their mobility habits over the trial period, with the first week serving as a control period.

If selected, participants with multiple cars must give up one vehicle, while those with only one car must forego it entirely. Uber aims to assess how people can adopt a “car-light” lifestyle, emphasizing alternatives such as public transit, shared bikes, and walking. The trial builds on Lyft’s similar initiatives and aims to encourage sustainable transportation choices.

Uber hopes to replicate the positive outcomes seen in Australia, where participants reported increased use of alternative transportation. The trial will provide insights into reducing personal car dependency and may influence urban transport policies in participating cities.

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