Solana validators will now receive 100% of priority fees from transactions following a recent governance proposal that was approved with 77% of the vote.

Validators are essential for verifying transactions and maintaining network security in blockchain networks.

Previously, half of the priority fees were eliminated and the other half went to validators, leading to concerns about side deals between validators and transaction submitters for additional SOL tokens.

The new change aims to incentivize validators to ensure network security and efficient operation by granting them all priority fees.

This adjustment is detailed in Solana Improvement Document number 96 (SIMD-0096).

Following the proposal's approval, the SOL token saw a 1.6% increase in value, trading at $166.

However, Laine, a Solana staking validator, noted that this change could increase the inflation rate of SOL.

Despite an annual issuance increase of 4.6%, the absence of priority fees in May 2023 suggests an effective inflation rate of around 9.9%.

Additionally, Brian Kelly, a crypto investor, suggested that Solana could be the next cryptocurrency to have a spot ETF in the U.S.,

although skepticism remains about this happening without a futures product or clearer regulatory framework.

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