Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC mayor, has admitted to making false statements about two Georgia election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, during the 2020 election.

The mother-daughter duo had filed a defamation lawsuit against him, and Giuliani now acknowledges that his statements were defamatory, although he maintains he has legal defenses.

He avoids contesting the factual allegations in the ongoing litigation.

Giuliani argues that his statements were constitutionally protected as free speech.

The election workers' attorney, Michael J. Gottlieb, sees this as a significant development, highlighting that Moss and Freeman acted lawfully and the fraud allegations against them were debunked.

The lawsuit will continue to determine damages.

Former President Donald Trump, represented by Giuliani, also promoted a video targeting Moss and Freeman, leading to conspiracy theories and threats against them.

Trump himself faces a criminal investigation in Fulton County, Georgia, due to efforts to overturn the election.