Palworld, a game that was initially perceived as a Pokemon parody and faced skepticism due to its resemblance to Nintendo's IP, has defied expectations by achieving a significant milestone.

Within just four hours of its official launch on Steam, the game has attracted an impressive 230,000 concurrent players, a number that continues to rise. 

This success is particularly noteworthy given the game's extended development period and its emulation of a well-established franchise.

The player count does not even include those accessing the game through Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox consoles and PC. 

Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass can access Palworld for free, making it a likely entry point for many players.

Although Xbox Game Pass numbers are not disclosed, the continuously increasing Steam player count suggests a robust start for Palworld.

In addition to the remarkable player count, Palworld has garnered positive reviews on Steam, currently holding a "Very Positive" rating based on over 800 reviews within the first four hours of gameplay.

Some players even assert that the game has launched in a better state than the recently released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Overall, Palworld seems to have made a strong and successful debut, both in terms of player engagement and critical reception.

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