Jon Hamm, the actor famous for his role in "Mad Men," has married his former co-star Anna Osceola in a beautiful ceremony.

The couple, who had been dating for two years, met on the set of the show in 2015.

Their wedding took place in Big Sur at the Anderson Canyon, a location that holds significance for "Mad Men" fans as it references the show's finale.

The guest list included other "Mad Men" actors like John Slattery.

The event also saw the presence of A-list celebrities such as Billy Crudup, Paul Rudd, and Tina Fey.

The wedding was a nostalgic and elegant celebration, with Jon and Anna looking stunning in their attire.

The wedding reception featured 'Mad Men'-inspired cocktails, creating a glamorous 1960s atmosphere.

The couple is wished a lifetime of happiness together, and their wedding will be remembered as a memorable celebration of love and nostalgia.