A devastating train accident occurred in Odisha, India, resulting in over 200 deaths and several hundred injuries.

The incident involved three trains and caused widespread devastation, with multiple carriages derailing.

Rescue teams from across India swiftly responded to the crisis, with over 200 ambulances providing immediate medical aid and transporting the injured to hospitals.

Global condolences were expressed, with President Biden emphasizing the strong bonds between the United States and India.

President Joe Biden expressed sorrow, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended sympathies to the affected families.

Odisha declared a day of mourning to honor the lives lost, and ex-gratia payments were announced 

for the victims and their families, providing financial assistance during this difficult time.

Those who lost their lives will receive a compensation of 10 lakhs (equivalent to approximately 12,000 USD),

while individuals who suffered severe injuries will be provided with two lakhs (around 2,400 USD).