Skittles and French's have partnered to launch a mustard-flavored Skittle on National Mustard Day.

This unique candy combines tangy mustard essence with Skittles' chewy texture, wrapped in a vibrant yellow hue.

The mustard-flavored Skittle is exclusively available at French's "Mustard Mobile" in three US cities.

Fans can enter an online sweepstakes to win a package of this daring fusion.

Food brands often experiment with unusual flavors for social media buzz and increased sales.

Skittles has a history of limited-edition releases, including LGBTQ+ pride packages.

French's has previously introduced quirky treats like mustard-flavored donuts and ice cream.

The collaboration solidifies French's as the top-selling mustard brand in the US since its acquisition by McCormick & Company.

Don't miss this limited-time mustard-flavored candy sensation; catch the "Mustard Mobile" in select cities and embark on a bold flavor adventure with Mustard Skittles!